projects & monuments

In this world of constant changes and permanent mutations, as a result of the technological race and the over appreciation of the new, the need of stable points of reference both at the spiritual and the physical levels – thus, monuments - is highlighted. I feel it more strongly in Brazil with its huge cities savagely urbanized, where the landscape contrasts with the European cities and its important historical and architectural sites that remain present and well kept. With a few exceptions as Brasilia and the historical cities in the state of Minas Gerais, we miss here, as new world, the opportunity to reinvent the urban space.

Because of that I have put a lot of effort in projects of monuments, with little chance of materializing. For me it is above all a matter of trying to keep and maintaining our regard – the Brazilian way to view the world and the collective memory of our culture with its syncretism, myths and heroes.

Having grown up in the workshop of an sculptor fully dedicated to the public art and monuments, it is natural for me to take on this cause and to conceive the work in the scale of my city, with its hills under tropical skies with multi layered clouds, offering varied angles for the viewer and reinforcing the feel of large tri-dimensional spaces. I try to find new engineering solutions for big volumes as well as new dialogues with this urban mesh so saturated and weird that covers the hills up to the wide horizons in the city of São Paulo.