João Monteiro

(55 11) 50 58 95 83 / 984858690

lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.



A last word

Works of art are made exclusively to carry the spirit. They are bottles of compressed spirit. They are perfume flasks that when opened fill the room with its aroma or, like Aladdin’s lamp, release the genie when rubbed by our contemplative gaze.

An unhurried regard, welcoming. A regard that we knew when we were kids, keen to unveil the enchanted and mysterious world. A regard that plunged into the paw of a grasshopper and there, immersed, stopped the clock. A regard with our entire being became rare in our adulthood. We forgot it. And today, subject to the consumerist frenzy and to the constant bombardment of advertising images, invasive and blinding, we no longer manage to stop and gaze.

That is why we no longer see them.