João Monteiro Da Cunha Salgado Neto

Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.


1963 – 1st Award in a children’s drawings contest among schools from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (scholarship from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado FAAP).

1967 – World Champion of sand sculpting in La Baule, France.

1968 – Praise voting at Senate and Deputy Chamber, winning the title of Cavaleiro da Soberana Ordem de São Paulo Apóstolo. (Knight of the Sovereign Order of Apostle São Paulo)

1980 – Award in the Fortaleza National Art Show.

1981 – 1st Award Champion of Champions of Sand Sculptures from Air France in Guarujá-SP.

2001 – Diploma from the Occitan Academy of Arts for the ensemble of his work.


1967 – Becomes student of Caetano Fraccarolli (sculptor and professor from FAU-USP).

1971 – Becomes undergaduate student at FAU-USP.

1973 – Becomes student at Fine Arts in Paris, France.

1977 – Diploma from “École Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts de Paris”.

1977 – Arts at the University of Vincennes , Paris VII.


1973 – Wall panel at the entrance of Carlos Aschermam Building, in São Paulo.

1976 – Portraits in Montmartre, France.

1979 – Cartoons and chronicles for the newspapers Estado do Ceará and Jornal da Praia, in Fortaleza.

1980 – Award at the National Art Show in Fortaleza.

1981 – Award “Champion of the champions of Sand Sculptures” in São Paulo.

1987 – Decoration of nightclubs in many regions of France.

1991 – Paintings at the restaurant “Tocaia Grande” in Toulouse. Design of fashion swimsuits collection in Toulouse.

1993 – Cartoonist at T.L.T (Toulouse Television).

1994 – Design his second collection of swimsuits in Toulouse.

1999 – Cartoons for anti-smoking campaing at CPAM de la Haute-Garonne.

2000 – Elaboration of the couse of sculpture modeling in resin for FUPAM-FAU-USP.

2006 – Sculpture workshop and exhibition of studies and mockups at Centro Cultural FIESP.
– Various private orders: oil portraits, busts, panels, sculptures, billboards, illustrations.
– Published chronicles at the newspaper La Depeche du Midi. – Cartoonist at T.L.T (Toulouse Television).
– Works as cartoonist during summer seasons in high-class tourist destinations in France: Cap D’Agde, Sarlat-La-Caneda, Biarritz.
– Works as cartoonist in large corporate events (Mercedes Benz, Renault, Citroen, etc.).
– Teaches drawings and sculpting in his Toulouse studio.

2008 – Executes de bust of entrepreneur Neno Perondi for the Neno Perondi Ferreira Boulevard/SP.

2010 - Conception and execution of a studio for Classical Fundaments for Drawings, Painting and Sculpting at School Parque das Bicicletas.


1972 – Individual at FAU/USP.

1973 – Individual at “Aerogare dês Invalides, in Paris, with Carlos Vergara.

1976 – Collective at gallery “La Tanière” and at “Maison des Beaux Arts” in Paris, France.

1977 – Individual at headquarters of “Union des Banques de Paris”. – Collective at gallery “Delfion” in Sportono, Italy.

1978 – Individual at UNICAMP in Campinas.

1980 – Individual at “Estoril” in Fortaleza and in gallery “Trevo”, in Belo Horizonte.

1981 – Individual at cultural center “des Salenques”, in Toulouse, France.

1982 – Collective at gallery “Vella”, in Bern, Switzerland.

1983 – Individual at gallery “Clin d’ Oeil” in Toulouse, France.

1984 – Individual at gallery “Gal’Art” in Libreville, Gabon.

1985 – Individual at City Hall in Hameln, in cultural center “Pavillon” in Hannover and at gallery “Passe-par-Tout” in Berlin, Germany.

1987 – Individual at gallery “Íris” in Toulouse.

1989 – Individual at gallery “Charlène Ribere” in Toulouse.

1991 – Individual at gallery “La Galerie” in Toulouse.

1992 – Collective at Galerie Saint – Jean in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France.

1993 – Individual at gallery “Arthèna” in Toulouse, France.

1997 – Individual at Château de Launaguet.

1998 – Individual at Galerie Saint-Simon, and collective at Galeria Grade in Aveiro, Portugal.
– Collective “Deuses e semi-deuses do futebol brasileiro– A ginga canonizada” at Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Marseille- Provence – Coupe Du Monde 1998.
– Individual “Deuses e semi-deuses do futebol brasileiro” – A ginga canonizada at Village Occitan in Toulouse.

1999 – Individual at gallery Saint Aubin, Toulouse, France.

2000 – Individual at Cram Midi-Pyrénées in Toulouse. Individual with Association franco-portugaise, at Hotel de Ville de Cugnaux, France.

2001 – Individual at Chapelle Saint-LIbéral de Brive-la-Gaillarde, Individual at Chateau des Salettes, France.

2002 – Collective at João Monteiro’s studio in Toulouse.

2004 – Individual at Club Athletico Paulistano, São Paulo.

2005 – Collective at Cultural Center Odyssud in Blagnac. Individual at Hotel de Ville de Tournefeuille, France.

2006 – Individual “Deuses e semi-deuses do futebol brasileiro” – A ginga canonizada, at Vale do Anhangabaú in São Paulo.

2007 – Collective at gallery Erakusketa in Biarritz. Individual “Deuses e semi-deuses do futebol brasileiro” at Secretaria Municipal de Esportes, Lazer e Recreação, Parque Das Bicicletas, São Paulo/SP.

2008 – Sculpture of bust of Mário Amato
2008 a 2011 - Permanent exhibition of the group Ginga in the Parque das Bicicletas at São Paulo.